If you are listed as a beneficiary on the life insurance policy of a relative who recently passed away and the insurance company is disputing the settlement for some reason, then follow these tips to resolve the problem.

Tip: Put All of Your Correspondence with the Life Insurance Company in Writing

The adage "if it isn't in writing then it didn't happen" is always true for financial transactions, especially those involving insurance companies and settlement payments. Rather than doing battle with the insurance company over the phone only to be told at a later date, there is no record of your calls, instead, always contact the insurance company in writing. When you send your letters, use registered mail so that they have to sign to prove they received it. Save a copy of each letter with the returned receipt from the post office for future reference.

Tip: Don't Allow Your Grief to Delay Dealing with the Life Insurance Company 

Though you are sad about the loss of your loved one and perhaps don't need the life insurance settlement anytime in the near future, you should not delay in requesting a settlement of the policy. Some life insurance policies have restrictions on their payouts, and you need to act quickly to ensure you get the payment that you loved one paid for every month when they paid their insurance policy. The insurance company isn't going to come looking for you and offer you a settlement; they assume you will do all of the legwork if you want to get paid.

Tip: Enlist the Help of the Funeral Home

If your loved one's life insurance policy will be helping to pay for their final expenses, then you can enlist the help of the funeral home in getting a settlement. The funeral home will have lots of experience in this area, and they often have contacts at the insurance carriers they can contact on your behalf.

Tip: Have a Lawyer Send a Letter to the Insurance Company on Your Behalf Demanding an Immediate Settlement

Finally, if the insurance company doesn't want to issue you a settlement payment and you are tired of wasting time repeatedly calling and sending them documentation, then it's time to hire an attorney. An estate attorney will send a demand letter to the insurance company on your behalf and request the policy be settled or that the insurance company put their issues in writing. Typically, once a life insurance company gets a letter from an attorney, they are happy to quickly settle a case and avoid expensive litigation costs.